FAQ to Properly Repair Your Vehicle’s Damaged Windshield

a technician pulls a damaged windshield from an SUVWhen the cracking is in the middle of the windshield, you can be sure of the spread of the crack in time. When the motor vehicle is placed in drive, the vibration of road and engine block will induce the crack to widen and spread through the glass. Once such spidering has happened and visibility is ruined, it’s best to get a windshield replacement as quickly as feasible.

Timing plays a great part in determining this. You can opt for a dealer if the warranty is still valid, clearly the less costly option.  Failing that, telephone an auto glass specialist who will no doubt have the latest and most sophisticated tools to put in a new windshield for you.

Car windshields are a vital component of the vehicle and also an incredibly important security consideration. Here are some answers to a few of questions we get from folks who have called about  Windshield Chip Fix Services.

Do windshield chip repairs truly last?

Yes windshield chip repairs are effective, but not all chips in windshields should or can be fixed.

How long will a windshield chip fix last?
A windshield chip repair could last for a incredibly long time. This is dependent on several elements, like what sort of crack it is? How much has the crack spread?

A chip repair (simplified) is effected by putting a liquid resin into the chipped or cracked area and this resin fills in the chip or crack, and can be virtually invisible.  Most importantly, a strong resin application will keep the damage from spreading. If the chip is small, this is enough to avoid a full replacement.  Once the resin dries the chip isn’t visible any more, while you might see a slight variance in the glass close to the repair. This is fine if the blemish does not impact the ability to see while driving. This sort of repair is often less than $150, even if the repair technician travels to you.  You’ll want the windshield to ‘set up’ for a couple of hours, preferably in direct sunlight.

Repairing a windshield has one other significant advantage compared to a total replacement.  Repairing a chip or crack doesn’t put the watertight seal made in the factory assembly at risk, and secondary windshields often leak over the course of time.

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