Transform Your Spare Room With a Little DIY This Year

it is a great idea to make space useful throughout the home

reclaiming unused room spaceThe New Year is the perfect time to get on with those DIY jobs you’ve been putting off – however big or small. This is because January is traditionally the time many of us review our finances and get our money in order following our festive season splurges.

Once you’ve switched your utilities to a cheaper provider or found a credit card with a lower rate of interest, you’ll be able to work out how much cash you’ve got left over to spend on DIY. Add this to your savings and you could have enough to transform a whole room or install some new furniture and fittings.  Redecorating a spare room could be a good job to get stuck into this year, especially if your children have recently left home. The numbers of people who live in your home can go up and down over the years as children are born, grow up and eventually fly the nest. And the time might have finally come to turn your son or daughter’s old bedroom into a guest suite.

Before you start this task, however, you should carry out proper planning. For a start, you’ll need to decide which furniture you’re keeping and which will be replaced. It’s probably a good idea to consult with your departed son or daughter to make sure they’ve got no use for it at their new place – or whether they want it kept for sentimental reasons. Next you should decide what you’re going to replace the old furniture with and colour schemes for the walls.If the room is to be set up as a guest room, then going neutral is often the best bet – think whites, greys and pastel shades.

Once you’ve taken a trip to your local DIY store, it’s time to set aside a weekend and get to work. It could be fun to involve the son or daughter whose room it was previously – allowing them to give their old stomping ground the proper send-off it deserves!